The previous winners of formula one podium bets

The previous winners of formula one podium bets

The Podium is the name given to the rostrum on which prizes are awarded to the three highest-placed drivers at the end of a Grand Prix. Hence, an F1 podium, also sometimes referred to as a ‘podium finish,’ is when two or more drivers cross the finishing line first, second, and third. If you’re looking for that ultimate F1 online gambling nz thrill, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at the latest odds and stats available to help you place a bet on an F1 podium finish.

Formula One teams that have previously won Podium Bets

The record for the most recent F1 podium finish is held by Red Bull Racing, following their success at the 2016 Italian Grand Prix. The team’s first victory since 2010 was when Sebastian Vettel won the world title in an identical chassis.

The team has won 21podiums, all of which have come in the last five years.McLaren is the most successful constructor in F1 podiums, with 176 victories at the time of writing. For this reason, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about achieving that podium finish. It’s also worth remembering that Ferrari has picked up the trophy for most podium finishes since the constructors’ championship began in 1951.

If we only consider the previous seasons (2014-2021), Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull have been the most successful teams over all three seasons with above 15 first-place podium finishes each.

How to gamble for Formula 1 podium bets

To gamble successfully on Formula 1 podium bets, you must consider a few different statistics.

Firstly, you must find out which teams and drivers have finished in the top 3 of a Grand Prix most often and in what order they finished. You can narrow down your F1 podium bets odds based on this information.
For example, in the case of a Grand Prix, where Mercedes, Ferrari, and Redbull are in the top 3 of F1 podium bets, odds, Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel will likely finish first if they’re on pole position. Therefore, you should consider betting on a driver finishing as the top 3 if they’re starting from pole position as they’ll have a fast car.

Secondly, you need to find out which drivers have a good chance of finishing in the top 3. If you think that a driver is most likely to finish in the top 3, you should consider placing a bet on them if they’re starting from 1st place on the grid as they’ll be in an excellent position to finish on the Podium. If they’re starting from 2nd and you think they’ll finish in the top 3, you should place a bet on them if your bet matches odds because if they get a good start, the likelihood of them finishing in the top 3 increases.

The third statistic you need to consider is the order of finish, is whether that’s the result of finishing positions, the actual positions, or both. In situations where several drivers are in contention for the podium places, it’s best to consider both the order of finish and driver chances of finishing in the top 3.

For example, in the Belgian Grand Prix 2017, Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull were all in the top 3 but in different positions. If you bet on this outcome, you should have based your bet on the order of finish, that is 1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Max Verstappen, and 3rd Daniel Ricciardo. Fourth it would be best if you considered placing a bet on any driver who had won a Grand Prix before and finished in third place or has a good chance of winning that Grand Prix.

The last thing to consider is the weather conditions of an F1 race. You should always check the weather forecast before placing any F1 podium bets. If it looks like rain could hit the racing track during a race, then you might be able to place another bet on “rain” and “podium,” as F1 podium finishes are often affected by wet weather conditions.

How to places bets on the Formula one

If you think that a driver might have mechanical problems and won’t finish in the top 3, you can also include a bet for “retire” in your F1 podium bets. Since F1 is highly competitive, remember to place a bet on any driver starting from pole position as they’ll have a better chance of finishing in the top 3 than the drivers starting from 4th or 5th place, unless in the case of an unseen disqualification.

In contrast, if your F1 podium bets odds are not matching, it’s better to place a different bet because the chances of that driver finishing in the top 3 decreases as soon as you place a different bet. As you can see, F1 podium bets aren’t as simple as they seem. But if you follow our advice and place your bets accordingly, then you may get the ultimate F1 betting thrill and cash in on some incredible odds.

When it comes to Formula One, it’s important to remember that strategy is everything. So when placing an F1 podium bet, think through your choices to try and get the best odds according to the most precise strategy of each team based on previous statistics. However, if you’re looking to bet on an F1 podium finish for the thrill of it, it’s still a good idea to go for a team or driver that is most likely to win that Grand Prix or race due to their fast car.

Lastly, remember to bet responsibly, as it’s not an everyday occurrence to see bets placed on F1 podium finishes hit the jackpot. It’s also a good idea to have a few different options on the table, just in case your bet doesn’t pay off. So if you’re an F1 fan, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss. Formula One is known for its nail-biting races and surprises, making it one of the most exciting and thrilling sports for gamblers worldwide.

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