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The previous winners of formula one podium bets

The Podium is the name given to the rostrum on which prizes are awarded to the three highest-placed drivers at the end of a Grand Prix. Hence, an F1 podium, also sometimes referred to as a ‘podium finish,’ is when two or more drivers cross the finishing line first, second, and third. If you’re looking for that ultimate F1 online gambling nz thrill, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at the latest odds and stats available to help you place a bet on an F1 podium finish.

Formula One teams that have previously won Podium Bets

The record for the most recent F1 podium finish is held by Red Bull Racing, following their success at the 2016 Italian Grand Prix. The team’s first victory since 2010 was when Sebastian Vettel won the world title in an identical chassis.

The team has won 21podiums, all of which have come in the last five years.McLaren is the most successful constructor in F1 podiums, with 176 victories at the time of writing. For this reason, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about achieving that podium finish. It’s also worth remembering that Ferrari has picked up the trophy for most podium finishes since the constructors’ championship began in 1951.

If we only consider the previous seasons (2014-2021), Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull have been the most successful teams over all three seasons with above 15 first-place podium finishes each.

How to gamble for Formula 1 podium bets

To gamble successfully on Formula 1 podium bets, you must consider a few different statistics.

Firstly, you must find out which teams and drivers have finished in the top 3 of a Grand Prix most often and in what order they finished. You can narrow down your F1 podium bets odds based on this information.
For example, in the case of a Grand Prix, where Mercedes, Ferrari, and Redbull are in the top 3 of F1 podium bets, odds, Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel will likely finish first if they’re on pole position. Therefore, you should consider betting on a driver finishing as the top 3 if they’re starting from pole position as they’ll have a fast car.

Secondly, you need to find out which drivers have a good chance of finishing in the top 3. If you think that a driver is most likely to finish in the top 3, you should consider placing a bet on them if they’re starting from 1st place on the grid as they’ll be in an excellent position to finish on the Podium. If they’re starting from 2nd and you think they’ll finish in the top 3, you should place a bet on them if your bet matches odds because if they get a good start, the likelihood of them finishing in the top 3 increases.

The third statistic you need to consider is the order of finish, is whether that’s the result of finishing positions, the actual positions, or both. In situations where several drivers are in contention for the podium places, it’s best to consider both the order of finish and driver chances of finishing in the top 3.

For example, in the Belgian Grand Prix 2017, Mercedes, Ferrari and Redbull were all in the top 3 but in different positions. If you bet on this outcome, you should have based your bet on the order of finish, that is 1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Max Verstappen, and 3rd Daniel Ricciardo. Fourth it would be best if you considered placing a bet on any driver who had won a Grand Prix before and finished in third place or has a good chance of winning that Grand Prix.

The last thing to consider is the weather conditions of an F1 race. You should always check the weather forecast before placing any F1 podium bets. If it looks like rain could hit the racing track during a race, then you might be able to place another bet on “rain” and “podium,” as F1 podium finishes are often affected by wet weather conditions.

How to places bets on the Formula one

If you think that a driver might have mechanical problems and won’t finish in the top 3, you can also include a bet for “retire” in your F1 podium bets. Since F1 is highly competitive, remember to place a bet on any driver starting from pole position as they’ll have a better chance of finishing in the top 3 than the drivers starting from 4th or 5th place, unless in the case of an unseen disqualification.

In contrast, if your F1 podium bets odds are not matching, it’s better to place a different bet because the chances of that driver finishing in the top 3 decreases as soon as you place a different bet. As you can see, F1 podium bets aren’t as simple as they seem. But if you follow our advice and place your bets accordingly, then you may get the ultimate F1 betting thrill and cash in on some incredible odds.

When it comes to Formula One, it’s important to remember that strategy is everything. So when placing an F1 podium bet, think through your choices to try and get the best odds according to the most precise strategy of each team based on previous statistics. However, if you’re looking to bet on an F1 podium finish for the thrill of it, it’s still a good idea to go for a team or driver that is most likely to win that Grand Prix or race due to their fast car.

Lastly, remember to bet responsibly, as it’s not an everyday occurrence to see bets placed on F1 podium finishes hit the jackpot. It’s also a good idea to have a few different options on the table, just in case your bet doesn’t pay off. So if you’re an F1 fan, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss. Formula One is known for its nail-biting races and surprises, making it one of the most exciting and thrilling sports for gamblers worldwide.

What Is Sports Betting?

Sports Betting

Sports betting is speculating the results of any sports game and placing stakes on it. These sports could range from American football to martial art and boxing. It is a form of gambling. It’s a favorite pass time for millions of sports fans worldwide and is a legal form of gambling in many countries today. Players can either sport bet from indoors through online websites or outdoors through privately run enterprises(which is an illegal way). The legal course would be to place bets through a Bookmark.

Terms used in Sports Betting:

If you have put out a correct prediction, you win; if you put a wrong prediction, you lose the sum of money put on stake. The Betting Agency is usually called a “Bookmark” in the sports betting world. It is the place where betters place their bet and wager.
The marketplace where odds get set is called Betting Exchange, and the customer who places a bet has termed a punter (which is used in the UK) while the term is Bettor in The USA.

Sports Betting

It’s good to remember that probabilities are only estimated in sports betting. They are not known.
When the customer places a bet on the specific outcome, it means they are backing that outcome.
To think they are popular today would be a wrong guess. It has a history since the Romans and Greeks existed. The difference is they placed best on chariots fights and gladiator wars while we do on cricket and football.

What makes Sports Betting Popular?

The high media coverage of sports events and emerging technologies are a flourishing period for Sports Betting, as socially gambling is acceptable.

The Most Common Type of Bets:

Win Bet is a simple way to place their stakes on the outcome they predict will win and lose if the result is the opposite.
Parleys- is placing a wager on multiple bets and winning if luck is on the customer’s side. It can be as many bets as the bookmark allows.

Type of Bets

Spread Betting- is different from the traditional sense. It’s more like determining the amount of money you may win with each point.
Exchange betting- involves two parties, one who backs the outcome and the other who places a wager on the opposite outcome rather than the original.
In-play bet- is an exciting concept as it allows the punters to place bets on live sports events, which start from the beginning to the end of the game.

Disadvantages of Sports Betting:

Sports Betting:

There are many sports scandals involved with game-like sport fixing (where players play in a predetermined way), overall match-fixing ( the result of the game is fixed), which ruins the stature of the sport and questions the authenticity of the sports events.
This stands as a complete guide to your sports betting. To know more, Keep reading.

What Is Online Betting?

Online Betting

Online betting is made of Online and Betting or gambling, which is any gambling that takes place online instead of in person. Which has been on the rise given the pandemic situation, so the majority of the betting took place online, especially during the “Lockdown period” Though the real reason for its popularity is the way online betting gets marketed to a population of millions who have access to the internet and the money feature. Where on winning a chance game lottery, you get prize money.

Why Online betting?

It’s different from non-internet betting; it’s flexible with no pressure to bet with massive amounts.
The online forums give a friendly interaction where the players get recommendations to other online betting games, which usually are virtual casinos, poker, or sports betting altogether.

Online betting

The stats suggest the market of Online betting to reach $93 billion by 2023- which is 40% more than today.
In India, online betting occurs unregulated; hence, estimating its market here is more challenging than in the USA, as online betting is a legal activity. However, the study done by Baazi King ( who has a motto to create a profound poker ecosystem in India) estimates a market of $30 Million.

History of Online Betting

The first Online betting websites originated in the mid-’90s. The first act that bought online betting into existence was when the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean passed the Free Trade and Processing Act law, allowing allowance, i.e., license to people interested in providing services of casinos poker on the internet.
Online betting hit the golden banner, as, during the same period around the mid-’90s, Microgaming was gaining interest in ordinary people too.

Online Betting

If we have to highlight, another incident that pushed online betting on the stage was the creation of Kahnawake Gaming Commission, 1996 Canada—established to regulate the online betting organizations and issue gaming licenses.

How to access Online Betting?

It’s easier than expected even if an online transaction of money is involved-
● First, you need to find a credible online betting site with real money as a reward
● Then you register yourself by creating a new account and making a betting deposit on the site
● You can receive an online welcome bonus
● You can choose any favorite sports of yours and start placing bets.

Risks that come along with Online Betting:

Due to the way of Online Arena, it’s hard for players to foresee an authentic website for online betting, which leads to money laundering cases, a severe issue affecting countries like Australia.
The ongoing promotions and advertising of these games will lead to problem betting. The players get into some dispute with the site operator, and the chances of resolution between the two parties are usually low.
Online betting is not a new trend but has recently gained momentum in the world. Discover your arena and bet to win more.

All You Need To Know About Online Motorsports Betting!

Gambling and betting on motorsports are some of the most prevalent acts taking place for ages. As time flew by, motor betting turned online and became accessible to all people through the introduction of applications and websites. Online motor betting is worth it and reliable. Do you want to know how? Well, let us take you through a tour of online motorsports betting, its importance, and everything one needs to know about it!

What are the steps required by you to follow to bet on motorsports online?

1. Firstly, you need to visit any one of the sportsbooks which are proven to be safe and give a large payout. Do follow the instructions and guidelines carefully and open an account of yours. Also, this does not take much time of yours and will ask you to fill in the basic information, but nothing else.
2. Once you have completed signing up to the site and registering yourself, all you need to do is head to the “cashier” section to invest money in your account. Also, keep in mind that you can call customer care or customer support if there are any issues or trouble in the system. But, the only thing to be careful about is that you should choose the safest site possible. Online motorsports betting apps and sites also offer you welcome bonuses; take them, and enjoy!

motorsports online

3. By now, you would be ready with funds, welcome bonuses, and all of it; so, find the motorsport that you want to place a bet upon and go for it!

Safest sportsbooks you can rely upon motorsports betting!

● SPORTS BETTING: This online sportsbook welcomes you with a bonus of 50% up to $1000. It has a 4-star rating too!
● BET ONLINE.AG: This online sportsbook offers a welcome bonus of 50% up to $1000. It has got ratings of 4.5 stars!
● BET365: This online sportsbook gives the new customers 15% of their qualifying deposit in Bet Credits up to 4,000. Also, the website has got a rating of 4.5 stars!

motorsports betting

Classification of motorsports betting:

There are many types of motorsports betting. For instance, various motorsports betting would involve a person betting on the driver, hoping that they win in a race. In contrast, other types of motor betting would apply a racing betting option of head to head where a person should predict and wager on which driver would finish the race. Also, one can bet upon drivers that spend and reach the top 3 in races, and so on. Another exciting type includes betting upon the driver, hoping and predicting that they will have the best season. So, yeah, this is a massive field with more types of races and bets!

Classification In Online Motorsports Betting: Bet On NASCAR


Motorsports betting has been more prevalent and famous for more than specific years. There are certain specifications in types of motorsports betting, namely betting on NASCAR and betting on F1. Let us look at bet on NASCAR in this article!

Bet on NASCAR:

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), a family-owned firm, governs and looks after the top, best, and professional stock car races each year. This is a cup series where the highest level of professional racing is witnessed every year. Most sportsbooks offer you to bet in this event, but you need to research and know a bit about the online site where you place your bets!


Some of the suggestions for a sportsbook to bet on NASCAR:

There might be plenty of websites offering you a variety of offers and bonuses. But, it is vital to know if they are safe and are recognised for their good deeds. Well, some of the suggestions for sportsbook for betting on NASCAR would include Sports Betting, Bet 365, and Bet Online, which have got the best ratings, and welcomes its customers with a welcome bonus of 50% up to $1000!

How to bet on NASCAR?


There are no new steps to bet on NASCAR. It is as simple as betting for motorsports for any other event. Register yourself by creating an account and signing up. Then, make sure you head out to the cashier, where you invest your funds to bet. And, then, you are ready to go if you have followed all the instructions and guidelines. Furthermore, it is the right time for you to bet on NASCAR!

Some tips to keep in mind while betting on NASCAR:

● Be knowledgeable or at least be aware of betting on motorsports, and consider the track because every track is unique and specific drivers perform better on particular tracks. Take a look at the success of each driver on similar tracks while you take into account the size and configuration of the tracks!


● No matter how pro you are in betting on motorsports, follow practice sessions and do not miss them out. Because it is said that, that is where you get a fair idea of how the vehicle will look and react in the race. Not only the reaction of vehicles but, it is also essential for you to look at how the drivers are preparing themselves for every possible situation that might occur in the race. Also, to look at the level of confidence that the driver possesses!
● Along with following the practice sessions, try to attend the qualifying sessions to help you and no one else. Yes! This should be tested and done because it is necessary to look at how comfortable the drivers are, on the tracks, while driving. Also, observe if the driver feels that they have more chances to win through their pre-race interviews!

How Did Motorsport Betting Start?

Motorsport Betting

The history of betting and gambling goes back to the kings, but motorsport betting started just 2000 years ago. Let’s go back to the account.

Here all it begins

One of the oldest sport in racing is motorbike racing. It is as old as the beginning of the fast motorcycles. Before the production of motorcycles, locals used carts and bicycles to win the race. But these were relatively slow. As soon as the motorcycles were out in the market, they became a sport. Soon the era produced sports racing motors, and the fancy game started. Let go back to 2000 years ago and analyze history better.

2000 years ago

Motorsport Betting

Sports betting is as old as 2000 years. Initially, kings and queens placed their bets on horse races. At the same time, the locals entertained themselves with lower bettings. For example, they raced the buffalos or travel carts. One popular destination of sports betting was Greece. They enjoyed the sport and also introduced the sport to the Olympics.

With evolution, Businessmen introduced cars and bikes to the world. By the 1800s the cars and bikes had become famous but still were a mark of luxury. By the mid-1850, the status of living changed. Every household had a car, which gave way to the car sporting events.

Some were too afraid of cars and limited their use. But some took this as a challenge. They turned this into a sport. The French organized the first recorded car race in June 1895, Paris. Only a few cars took part in the event, sponsored by prominent businessmen. Then the highest speed to race was 20km/hr, which seems relatively very slow than the races currently occurring. The racers had to race from Paris to Bordeaux and back.

Motorsport Betting

The path is around 730. Imagine, how would the race be with the driver’s first race experience and newly built roads? The race was an epic failure, and The race lasted two days. But this race gave more way to future races.

Current situation

Sports evolved with time and technology, and with the sport, betting came into place. From the roads, the sports were carried to the racing tracks. Now, motorsport betting is practiced all over the world. Many countries have banned the practice, keeping up the mark of the sport. Some states practice this illegally and make a profit out of betting.

Online betting on motorsport

Online betting on motorsport

The current scenarios have brought the betting arena to online platforms. One can sit in any corner of the world and place their bet on motorsport. The online theaters present their benefits to the user—free bonuses, expert advice, interaction with other players, and much more.

We know that with evolution in the racing game, there is more to see in the future. Check out more sporting bets online and play your chance.

Top Online Betting Sites In New Zealand!

Online Betting

Gambling and betting have gained popularity and fame a lot more. New Zealand is also known for its top online betting sites. Finding the best online betting site in New Zealand might be a tough job for you, but we are here to lessen the burden and have lined up some best ones. Take a look at it!

● Bet 365

Bet365 is the top popular online betting site in New Zealand. The site welcomes you with an easy-to-claim welcome bonus with the best odds, live streaming options. The headquarters of the company is located at Stoke, and the place was founded in 2000. Hillside is the website owner, and the site gives a unique mobile experience to its customers.


Headquarters is located in Gibraltar; is known for sports betting, live betting, and online gambling. The site was founded in 2008 and offered free bets, welcome bonuses, bet-building options, promotions, great additional features, world sports odds, many competitive New Zealand and sports betting markets.

● LeoVegas


LeoVegas is one of the excellent and user-friendly apps of New Zealand. Though there are limited live streaming options, the app offers quick and helpful 24/7 customer support along with competitive New Zealand odds and sports markets. It provides plenty of sports betting options along with functional and engaging graphics.

● Betway

Founded in 2006 by Betway, Betway has its headquarters situated in Malta. This online betting site offers excellent cash out options and multi-build options with a wide range of international and New Zealand markets. There are betway sports, betway casinos, betway in play, and ongoing free bets. However, it is challenging to look for the facility of customer support 24/7. The reason behind using this site could be their consistency in offering promotions and many payment options.

● Mr Play

With a welcome bonus of up to 100%, Mr Play offers a high sign-up bonus and tons of additional characteristics and bonuses. This is the right place for people looking for great live football betting to place their bets.

● SportNation


Sports nation also welcomes its players with a bonus of up to 100%, along with a vast range of football betting markets, high odds, and plenty of novelty bets and esports.

● Guts

With a sports bonus of 100% up to $100 in bet credits, Guts is an online betting site with great sports odds, explicitly for football, a team of customer support for 24/7, unique and easy to navigate web design.

● Karamba

With a sports bonus of betting $40 and getting a $20 free bet, karamba offers its customers many New Zealand and international sports odds along with a helpful and caring customer support team and a feature of up to 77% boost on sports multis!

What Is Motorsport Betting?

Motorsport Betting

And the crowd goes wild, screaming on top of their lungs to see the car they had bet on, come first! Such a significant thrill can only be seen when there are huge bets placed. It isn’t exactly considered healthy, but happiness is incomparable. But before we get any deep into the whole shebang, let’s understand the basic meaning of Motorsport betting.

What exactly is Motorsport betting?

There are different variables to keep in mind while placing bets. Some of the common ones are:


Motorsport betting?

As the market becomes more competitive, new and, better models are released every day, and bets are placed on those vehicles that meet the bettors’ criteria.


Specific drivers have more excellent track experience and skills and hence show more promise, attracting more expensive bets. On some tracks, some drivers do better than others. Formula One is an example of one of the world’s most prestigious leagues. Teams and leagues with more clout and clout gain access to more resources, such as drivers, cars, and so on.

Top Six Finish, Podium Finish, Winning Margin, Fastest Qualifier, and so on are some of the advantages of motorsports betting.


The art of Motorsport betting is not a new concept. Sports betting, in particular, started over 2000 years ago. Motorsport racing is considered to be one of the oldest competitions in the world. The practice of Motorsport betting is derived from that of Motorsport racing.

A majority of horse racing constitutes betting where visitors and would indulge in betting high stakes on horses.

Motorsports- Betting VS Gambling

In recent years, acc to reports, there have been several surging cases with gambling addictions. The government of mbecausentries has banned betting because it holds a deadly obsession that can hypnotize anyone who remotely shows interest in it. High stakes of money are placed in both betting and gambling and are a game of chance. People who have been keen on both gambling and betting have been seen to lose their livelihood as it consumes a significant part of their income.

Motorsport betting has been associated with long-term depression and anxiety.
Early motorsport betting began in Rome with chariot cart pulling competitions and has been an addiction ever since.


How to motorsport bet?

1. Choose a sportsbook that offers this activity.
2. Once the above step is done, choose the race you prefer.
3. The next step is the most crucial, select your driver and vehicle.
This guarantees more than half of the success in the entire race. Once the mentioned criteria are met, sit back, enjoy the race, and hope for the best.